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Cloud Migration

Started: 2021-08-25 08:16:27

Submitted: 2021-08-25 08:28:43

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If you're reading this post, I'd like to welcome you to my new server in THE CLOUD.

"My other cloud is Karl the Fog" sticker

My long-time hosting provider, tummy.com, is closing at the end of September, so I need to find a new home for my blog and the other assorted services I run. I have provisioned a small VM on Google Compute Engine in us-central1-a. I picked this particular service and region mostly because I've visited the Google data centers in Council Bluffs, Iowa (home to us-central1), so I've at least walked the halls and seen the rooms where my new VM lives.

Yannis, Jaeger, and Yang at the data center mural
Yannis, Jaeger, and Yang at the data center mural

Along the way I did a lift-and-shift to move my massive photo archive into Cloud Storage. It's now strongly-consistent and replicated cross-region; and it all ought to be entirely transparent to you unless you happen to notice that the images themselves are now being served from storage.googleapis.com.

I think pretty much everything ought to be up and running. Please let me know if you run into any issues.

Having rejected DOS, we're paranoid about anything that isn't
"user-friendly," that requires some adjustment on our part and a
commitment to meet the technology halfway. It's as if Henry Ford rigged
a bridle and set of leather reins to his Model T instead of a steering
wheel and clutch, and to this day we were still driving our cars the way
a 19th century groomsman would handle a horse and buggy.
- Jonathon Keats, "'You Send Me' by Patricia T. O'Conner & Stewart
Kellerman", Salon.com