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Posted by Jäger on 2003-11-12 10:51:07


My most recent write-a-book inspiration came in the form of a random personal obsession: the history of physical spaces -- what existed on arbitrary piece of land X prior to the current buildings? (Has the recently-constructed hole in the ground on the corner of 9th and Canyon in Boulder always been an empty lot?) The thought crossed my mind to write a coffee-table book describing the spatial history of, say, lower Manhattan, tracing the history of each chunk of land through the myriad buildings that have existed during the past several hundred years.

At the moment, I can't even come up with a short description of the project. "Spatial history" is the best I can do so far. (I'll omit the fact that it sounds like my history with a previous employer.)

Alternately, the thought has also crossed my mind to write a handful of fiction books, either a fantasy/industrial revolution hybrid (envision a bunch of musketeers going to battle with Bitscape's favorite infantry supported by magicians), or something based on my strange movie idea.

So many brilliant ideas, so little time...


Jobses, toyses (2003-11-11 21:47:05)
  • Bookses (Jäger at 2003-11-12 10:51:07)
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