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Posted by cg4l on 2005-04-03 10:26:17


Illyria sounds great! I sure wish I would've thought about the size and weight more when I purchased my Dell Inspiron 5150 but I was replacing a desktop for portability (Ariana has a 3.06GHZ HT processor, DVD+RW, etc.) and not general mobility (such as if I had to schlep my notebook around in a backpack in college). So my "brick" weighs in at about 8 lbs but at least not quite as bulky as the XPS Gen 2 @ 8.60 lbs. Anyway, I'd like to know how the Sarge install goes. I have recently installed Ubuntu on my notebook and am quite happy with having Debian's personality but with basically no manual configuration "out of the box".


Illyria (2005-03-30 22:52:41)
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