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Posted by humblik on 2005-10-27 11:18:54


I personally think the subliminal messages are a bit more blatant yet subtle than simply inserting a frame that says, "Buy Coke," every 60th frame. I have no doubt that nearly every aspect of most commercials is well planned and thought out to attempt to get us do or buy something. I think the subtle methods are the most devious. They are harder to recognize and have the ability to change the way we think and approach life on a consciously chosen level rather than subliminal level. I fear that more that a subconscious suggestion. I would think a subconscious suggestion is more easily eliminated because once you are told it is there you are more likely to actively fight against it. However, if you get someone to accept a falsehood by choice, then it is a lot harder for them to recognize it as something that is wrong and needs corrected.


Fourth Quarter (2005-10-25 22:47:53)
I swear, it's not my fault if I loose things, even if I do have huge
- Neelix, 0223 CDT 30 April 2000, upon finding something he was looking
for on the bottom of a pile of Humblik's clothes