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The Wengs strike back

Posted by Willy on 2006-08-02 20:50:25


Wow. That's nifty. I found a town in Austria by the name of "Weng am Innkreis." I biked over there one evening, since it was only about ten kilometers from Bogenhofen. The locals probably wondered why I found their humble little town so interesting. I wandered around the church graveyard, looking for any Wengs buried there. I couldn't find any. I don't know where the town got its name.


Hygiene Cemetery (2006-07-16 21:51:47)
If people are going to read the intimate details of my life, I might as
well take the opportunity to bore them a little with mundane accounts of
trivial events told in run-on sentences in the process.
- Bitscape, 05 May 1999, in a Random Ramblings entry