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Posted by Kiesa on 2008-11-16 22:02:02


Yes, it seems like many childbirth classes have a bias one way or the other. I think part of the problem is there isn't as much good research as I would expect on various subjects so it's very easy for both sides to find "research" to backup their beliefs. I chose to have Jaeger and I go to the Bradley classes because I feel they emphasize adequate preparation the most. However, I also plan to go to the hospital classes (though I won't drag Jaeger along) just so I have an idea of what they teach/expect.


The month so far (2008-11-16 14:41:49)
If people are going to read the intimate details of my life, I might as
well take the opportunity to bore them a little with mundane accounts of
trivial events told in run-on sentences in the process.
- Bitscape, 05 May 1999, in a Random Ramblings entry