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Last updated: 2003-01-16 16:37:20-07

Coming soon, probably as soon as I come up with something actually worthwhile to post...

But in the meantime: I love to code. I have a huge list of projects I'd like to take on, things to stretch my coding abilities or things that would be seriously useful. I code in C++ and Perl most of the time. I'm an object-oriented facist, beliving everything can be elegantly stuffed into objects. (What were those buzzwords my computer science teacher used? "Loosely-bound" and "tightly-something"?)

I use Debian GNU/Linux. My prefered build enviornment is a couple of xterms (or even better, a handfull of semi-transparent Eterms), vim, gcc, and make. It wouldn't disapoint me if I never had to touch a Windows box for the rest of my life.

I learned to code when my dad drug an ancient (even then, a decade ago) Compaq luggable home from work way back when I was eight years old. The only three programs it had (on 5 floppies in two drives; the only permanent storage), in addition to DOS 2, were BASICA, Turbo Pascal, and Where in Europe is Carmen Sandiego? With the assistiance of 3-2-1 Contact magazine's programming page, I taught myself to code. Find your first computer at Computer Closet Collection. Mine is there.

The obligitory screenshot. I run Enlightenment and GNOME on Ziyal. A recent Debian package update (early 2000) fixed the previously-broken (at least for me) terminal transparency. In this image, from my live webcast of the total lunar eclipse on 20 January 2000, Enlightenment and X differ on what they think the root image is, so the transparent terminals display a different image than the root. I actually like the effect; I might have to use it more frequently.

Will the last geek to leave america please turn slashdot off?