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Last updated: 2004-12-16 07:55:39-07

Real name: Theodore Logan

email: jaeger@festing.org
Jabber: jaeger@buildmeasite.com

I'm a twenty-four-year-old Perl/C++ coding, Debian-using hacker. I use Dvorak instead of QWERTY. More along those lines can be found elsewhere on this site...

After graduating from college and getting married August 2002, Gem and I moved into my parents' basement in Boulder, Colorado. She had a plan: get a masters in library science. I had a plan as well: get a real job, and move out on our own, but the economy had other plans. I amused myself until January building cgi scripts for Buildmeasite, a dinky little web hosting company my friend scottgalvin.com runs. Every once and a while Buildmeasite needs my assistance, which I provide in exchange for root access and -- in theory -- money.

In April 2003, I finally managed to get some sort of job-like thing at imaging Technology international, a small ink jet integrator conveintly located in Boulder. I spent two months assembling Web Transport printers, learning the differences between 10-32 socket head cap screws and 4-40 button head cap screws and other exciting stuff. My short-term contract was supposed to be done at that point, but I stuck around to help iTi move and eventually they decided to give me a workstation, a network login, and a software assignment.

In July 2003, Gem and I concluded my employment situation was sufficiently stable to justify moving out of our parents' basement. We found a cozy two-bedroom apartment in nearby Louisville (that's pronounced "lewis-ville"), signed a twelve-month lease, and settled in.

I stuck around iTi as a temporary contract employee, hoping iTi would be able to hire me for real, which finally happened in December 2003. My first day of work in January 2004 was a real Programming Engineer, with a salary and a few benifits and everything. In June they got around to giving me a real (albeit shared) office and a sexy new Dell workstation.

Gem finished library school in December 2003 and spent the next six months moping around the apartment trying desperatly to find something to do. In June she finally got a part-time position as a reference librarian for Weld Library District, working an hour away in Greeley.

I spent two years in southeastern Washington State attending Walla Walla College and finally convinced them to give me a Bachelors of Science: Engineering in (suprise suprise) engineering. I spent two years at Union College in Lincoln, Nebraska. I wasn't thrilled to be going to school across town from the University of Colorado's arch-rivals, but I survived, probably because I didn't wear my Buffs sweatshirt too far off-campus.

I graduated from Fairview High School in May of 1998, after going there for two years. It was pretty fun, especially my senior year, where I had enough privlages not to be driven nuts and had nearly everything figured out. Before Fairview I went Boulder Junior Academy for five years. Before that I lived in California (Menlo Park and Redwood City, the latter which I claim as the birthplace of Silicon Valley, which was also my birthplace) and went to Bethany Lutheran school for my first four years of school and Orion alternative public school for two years.

I've done a lot, I think, and had a lot of fun, and I'm generally happy about life. I rant about clueless people and hopelessly clueless corporations and the money they throw at Congress and judges to see things their own, luddite way.

I grew up in the Seventh-day Adventist church, but now I officially catagorize myself as ex-Adventist. I'll still show up to church once a month or so, just to remind myself that it's there. I can babble endlessly about doctrine and argue philiosophy, basically faking it with the best of them. I think it's the most correct church, and that maybe I should do something about this, but I haven't.

Money does not abide by the laws of thermodynamics.
- schwap, in a /. post