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Started: 2006-10-09 20:12:52

Submitted: 2006-10-09 20:33:24

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monarch.festing.org has a new resident.

She's a red 2003 Toyota Rav4, four wheel drive, manual transmission, with "alloy wheels", although I'm still not sure why I care. (At least they're not spinner hubs.) She fits in our garage better than her recently-departed predecessor, Lyta; she's actually shorter, lengthwise, than Yoda. (Lyta: 188 in; Yoda: 175 in; unnamed Rav4: 164 in.) It'll be nice to have a vehicle again, especially one which I can take on worse roads than I'd lake Yoda on.

It's dark and rainy tonight, otherwise I'd post a picture. She looks pretty much like Wikipedia's second-generation Rav4 photo, except our vehicle is red.

Having rejected DOS, we're paranoid about anything that isn't
"user-friendly," that requires some adjustment on our part and a
commitment to meet the technology halfway. It's as if Henry Ford rigged
a bridle and set of leather reins to his Model T instead of a steering
wheel and clutch, and to this day we were still driving our cars the way
a 19th century groomsman would handle a horse and buggy.
- Jonathon Keats, "'You Send Me' by Patricia T. O'Conner & Stewart
Kellerman", Salon.com