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Crow guards the steps leading up to the house
Halloween 2021 World-readable
Finally something returns to normal
Tags: halloween
Skeleton as librarian
The Skeleton World-readable
2021-10-09 20:53:33
A plastic skeleton dressed up as a librarian
Tags: halloween
Halloween 2020 World-readable
In which the intrepid narrator celebrates Halloween during the First Plague Year
Calvin wears his Halloween costume in the dining room
Halloween 2019 World-readable
In which the intrepid narrator's children dress up for Halloween
Tags: halloween
Calvin, Kiesa, and Nana go trick-or-treating
Faraday cage World-readable
2013-11-09 17:42:11
In which the intrepid narrator takes Calvin trick-or-treating in his lab and shows off an actual Faraday cage
Tags: halloween