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The end of the concrete ship pier at Seacliff State Beach
The end of the pier World-readable
The remains of the pier at Seacliff Beach
Tags: flood beach
Julian looks at elephant seals at Ano Nuevo State Park
Año Nuevo World-readable
Viewing the elephant seals on the beach
Seabright Beach on Christmas
Beach Christmas World-readable
Beach Christmas, I gave you my heart; but the very next day you rained it away
Pather Beach and Hole-in-the Wall Beach
Hole-in-the-Wall Beach World-readable
Exploring a small beach near Santa Cruz
Calvin and Julian in a foxhole on Four Mile Beach
Foxhole World-readable
Fortifying the beach
Tags: beach
Julian prepares to catch a wave
Board World-readable
In which the intrepid narrator takes his kid body-boarding
Julian surveys the outline of a sand star fort
Star Fort World-readable
In which the intrepid narrator builds an idea star fort out of sand
Tags: beach
SS Palo Alto on Seacliff Beach
Beach Day World-readable
In which the intrepid narrator takes his kids to the beach, sees a derelict ship made out of concrete, and builds sandcastles
Tags: beach