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January 2022

Microwave tower in DTLA
Coast Line World-readable
Taking the train north from Los Angeles to San Jose, this time (mostly) in daylight
New home office
Home Office World-readable
2022-01-17 17:40:47
Setting up a new home office

February 2022

Test post World-readable
2022-02-09 22:43:23
I don't always test my code, but when I do, I do it in production
Tags: meta
Julian and Kiesa walk through the tunnel under I-80
2022-02-10 20:49:00
The Omicron Wave and what comes next
Tags: covid-19
My grandparents' living room
What we leave behind World-readable
Looking through the things my grandfather left behind
Tags: family
Most of the Logan cousins
2022-02-16 18:36:27
Tags: family
Sanzdad and Momeder license plates
Snazdad World-readable
Getting together with my family to remember my grandfather
Tags: family
Entrance to Mystery Spot
Mystery Spot World-readable
Santa Cruz's iconic roadside attraction

March 2022

Pandemic board with Seattle about to outbreak
The Third Plague Year World-readable
2022-03-06 15:49:16
Looking back on another year of the global pandemic
Tags: covid-19
San Francisco by Night puzzle box
The puzzle World-readable
2022-03-20 14:26:10
Putting together the puzzle San Francisco by Night, which used to belong to my grandparents
Tags: family

April 2022

Julian reviews the safety information card of this CRJ-200 aircraft
Silo World-readable
Visiting a nuclear missile silo
ASARCO Mission open-pit copper mine
Mine World-readable
Visiting a massive open-pit copper mine
Calvin and Julian with a saguaro cactus
Working Together World-readable
All the planes at the Pima Air and Space Museum; also, cactus!
South tower of the Tower Bridge
Passport World-readable
2022-04-13 19:43:30
Renewing my passport
Tags: travel

May 2022

Jaeger on BART heading to Bay to Breakers
Bay to Breakers World-readable
Running Bay to Breakers, in person again for the first time in three years
You've reached a new low when you start naming your condiments.
- Bitscape, 13 December 2001