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2019-01-21 12:05:06
In which the intrepid narrator makes his mark on the Wallingford Eighties House
Basement electrical World-readable
2015-07-19 15:15:25
In which the intrepid narrator prepares the basement guest room as an au pair apartment, which involves removing and replacing the ceiling to fix the electrical system
Mini-flood World-readable
2015-06-06 12:21:06
In which the intrepid narrator's basement floods -- again
Upgrading the kitchen World-readable
2015-01-20 19:43:16
In which the intrepid narrator buys an impressive induction stove and a not-as-impressive dishwasher
Fun with natural gas World-readable
2013-12-08 13:35:06
In which the intrepid narrator survives a major natural gas outage in sub-zero temperatures
2013-11-23 18:12:34
I wanted to title this "I know what you planted in your garden last summer" but managed to resist
2013-09-28 14:57:17
In which the intrepid narrator atones for a previous homeowner's crimes against baseboard molding
2013-09-28 14:20:58
In which the intrepid narrator takes obsolete and broken electronics to Ecocycle's CHaRM
After the flood World-readable
2013-09-26 21:04:36
In which the intrepid narrator cleans up after Boulder's 1% flood event
Deluge World-readable
2013-09-14 12:21:40
In which the intrepid narrator weathers a 100-year-flood in Boulder
The Rug World-readable
2013-06-30 17:14:46
In which the intrepid narrator buys an area rug off Craigslist
The Floors World-readable
2013-01-20 12:32:52
In which the intrepid narrator installs a beautiful (and expensive) hard wood floor
The Unpacking World-readable
2012-05-28 14:43:55
In which the intrepid narrator unpacks, paints, prunes, and otherwise occupies his time after moving
2012-02-25 13:05:11
Spring cleaning World-readable
2012-01-24 08:12:28
2012-01-20 20:53:20
2011-10-15 11:46:09
Furniture World-readable
2011-08-22 20:43:28
Simplifying World-readable
2010-09-23 08:16:47
Custom oak World-readable
2010-01-10 09:17:52
Hand-crafted with love World-readable
2009-11-03 08:01:28
Fighting for Furniture World-readable
2009-10-28 07:55:22
New Carpet Smell World-readable
2008-12-15 08:02:02
Wrapping up November World-readable
2008-11-30 23:23:35
2008-05-11 13:38:43
Mayday World-readable
2008-05-01 19:29:56

like a lot of geeks, I can run risky meatspace things
through my head until a faulty value comes out that
suggests there's no need to actually do them.
- Caleb John Clark, "Linux and the Lady", Salon.com 27 September 2000