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View of the Ship Canal Bridge from the Wallingford Eighties House
2019-01-21 12:05:06
In which the intrepid narrator makes his mark on the Wallingford Eighties House
Electrical rewiring in process on kitchen counter
Basement electrical World-readable
2015-07-19 15:15:25
In which the intrepid narrator prepares the basement guest room as an au pair apartment, which involves removing and replacing the ceiling to fix the electrical system
Basement storage drenched after sump flood
Mini-flood World-readable
2015-06-06 12:21:06
In which the intrepid narrator's basement floods -- again
New induction stove
Upgrading the kitchen World-readable
2015-01-20 19:43:16
In which the intrepid narrator buys an impressive induction stove and a not-as-impressive dishwasher
Fun with natural gas World-readable
2013-12-08 13:35:06
In which the intrepid narrator survives a major natural gas outage in sub-zero temperatures
Completed container garden on patio
2013-11-23 18:12:34
I wanted to title this "I know what you planted in your garden last summer" but managed to resist
Through-the-floor speaker wire installation base station
2013-09-28 14:57:17
In which the intrepid narrator atones for a previous homeowner's crimes against baseboard molding
Stuff waiting to be taken to CHaRM
2013-09-28 14:20:58
In which the intrepid narrator takes obsolete and broken electronics to Ecocycle's CHaRM
Post-flood rain in Boulder
After the flood World-readable
2013-09-26 21:04:36
In which the intrepid narrator cleans up after Boulder's 1% flood event
Basement sump with high water
Deluge World-readable
2013-09-14 12:21:40
In which the intrepid narrator weathers a 100-year-flood in Boulder
Living room with new hard wood floors
The Rug World-readable
2013-06-30 17:14:46
In which the intrepid narrator buys an area rug off Craigslist
Dining room with original flooring
The Floors World-readable
2013-01-20 12:32:52
In which the intrepid narrator installs a beautiful (and expensive) hard wood floor
The dining room being unpacked
The Unpacking World-readable
2012-05-28 14:43:55
In which the intrepid narrator unpacks, paints, prunes, and otherwise occupies his time after moving
Kitchen sink detail
2012-02-25 13:05:11
Spring cleaning World-readable
2012-01-24 08:12:28
2012-01-20 20:53:20
2011-10-15 11:46:09
New dining room table
Furniture World-readable
2011-08-22 20:43:28
Simplifying World-readable
2010-09-23 08:16:47
The old entertainment cabinet
Custom oak World-readable
2010-01-10 09:17:52
Hand-crafted with love World-readable
2009-11-03 08:01:28
Fighting for Furniture World-readable
2009-10-28 07:55:22
Basement stuff stored in the garage
New Carpet Smell World-readable
2008-12-15 08:02:02
Wrapping up November World-readable
2008-11-30 23:23:35
2008-05-11 13:38:43
Mayday World-readable
2008-05-01 19:29:56

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