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Moving plants

Started: 2021-07-09 23:06:17

Submitted: 2021-07-10 00:48:58

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In which the intrepid narrator moves his houseplants between houses

Before the movers showed up to move my household to Santa Cruz, I moved my collection of houseplants by myself. I wrapped the smaller plants in packing paper and cling wrap and staged them in milk crates to carry them down the mountain.

Plants packed and ready to move
Plants packed and ready to move

From left to right, these plants are:

  • Ponytail palm (Nolina recurvata). The oldest plant in my collection, I acquired this plant as an office plant for my desk at my office at Qualcomm when I got promoted and upgraded to a window office. (Here's a picture of it on my desk in 2013.) I've kept it ever since, and it's grown considerably in the last decade.
  • Ficus benjamina. A plant I picked up at a garden center trip last fall when I came home with a bunch of house plants.
  • Avocado "Hass" (Persea americana). I germinated this seedling from a seed over the winter. After something like three months sitting in the dirt, just as I was about to give up on it, the seed decided to sprout and now I have a very short avocado tree.
  • Money tree. Another garden center acquisition from last fall.
  • A flowering bulb whose identity escapes me, a gift from my mother over the winter. It bloomed spectacularly early this spring, and now its leaves remain to soak up energy ahead of the winter.
  • Pygmy date palm (Phoenix roebelenii). Another garden center acquisition from last fall. This plant sat behind me in my video conferences, and during a meeting one of my colleagues messaged me to say he thought my background looked like a virtual background, all thanks to the potted date palm on the table behind me.

In addition to these plants, I have two larger plants I moved later in the final week before the big move: a larger Ficus benjamina that (in its pot) took up most of my trunk when I moved it down the mountain, and a coffee tree.

I unpacked the plants into the master bathroom, because I was about to get all of the carpet in the house replaced, and I wasn't yet ready to put the plants on my newly-refinished wood floor. The plants filled the tile counter and provided a nice contrast to the chrome-and-tile bathroom.

Plants in cyberpunk bathroom
Plants in cyberpunk bathroom

The ponytail palm took up a corner of the counter all on its own. I want to get a tall stand for this plant, since I think it wants to let its long hair drape dramatically over the edge of the pot.

Ponytail palm in cyperpunk bathroom
Ponytail palm in cyperpunk bathroom

We're still surrounded by boxes after moving into the house, and I hope we'll be able to fill up some of the empty spaces with even more house plants.