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Sun rising at Seabright Beach after the solstice
Visiting my parents for Christmas
Tags: christmas
Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk at night
Holiday Lights Train World-readable
A train covered in lights to celebrate the holiday season that is now upon us
Seabright Beach on Christmas
Beach Christmas World-readable
Beach Christmas, I gave you my heart; but the very next day you rained it away
Presents around the Christmas tree
Cancelation World-readable
2022-12-23 15:30:41
A change in Christmas plans
Preparing gingerbread houses
Gingerbread Houses World-readable
Decorating with candy for the holidays
Tags: christmas
Presents wrapped for Calvin and Julian from Uncle Willy
Zoomsmas World-readable
A holiday by video conference
Julian decorates Christmas cookies
Zombiebread World-readable
Zombies made out of gingerbread
Tags: christmas
Julian follows Kiesa through Summit Tree Farm
Tree Farm World-readable
In which the intrepid narrator shops for a live Christmas tree