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Julian and Aunt Bethany record a video
Walla Walla World-readable
In which the intrepid narrator visits his parents in Walla Walla for a long weekend in the middle of a global pandemic
Logan Christmas photo featuring Calvin
Christmas 2013 World-readable
2014-01-01 19:06:46
In which the intrepid narrator visits his parents for Christmas
Calvin plays with Legos on the plane to Pasco
Walla Walla World-readable
2012-10-20 12:39:09
In which the intrepid narrator visits Walla Walla, Washington for his father's birthday
2010-12-24 08:26:17
North-east ridge of Mount Hood from N737JW
Christmas (part one) World-readable
2009-12-29 22:29:05
Christmas (part 3) World-readable
2009-01-12 17:37:14
Thanksgiving World-readable
2008-12-05 07:59:31
Walla Walla from the air
Cascade Volcano Day World-readable
2008-09-14 16:22:52

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