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2017-05-14 15:47:04
In which the intrepid narrator decides his cars are not right for San Francisco but decides to keep them anyway because nothing else works better
Tags: cars
Buying C-3PO World-readable
2015-03-14 18:19:32
In which the intrepid narrator buys his parents' minivan
Tags: cars
2015-02-05 20:05:50
In which the intrepid narrator contemplates replacing his venerable Honda Civic
Tags: cars

I Hate Microsoft OutHouse

It sends proprietary email in it's own format (modified rich text.. puhleeese!)

When I type a message, click on another window, and then go back to typing it treats my new text as a link even if it isn't one.

And it has cutesy "stationary" that's ugly.
I hate most microsoft products.

Their mouse is cool, and NT5 is neat.
But that's it.

- Scott Galvin, 03 June 1999