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Camp stove coffee
Schooner Bay World-readable
Kayaking on Drakes Estero, where I saw leopard sharks and so many seals
Whitehouse Pool on Lagunitas Creek
Whitehouse Pool World-readable
Kayaking in Tomales Bay
Backpacks lined up at the camp site
Leaving Glen World-readable
Hiking out of Point Reyes
Fog hanging over Glen Campground
Hiking to Wildcat Beach and Alamere Falls at Point Reyes
Backpacks stacked in the back of Motoko
Glen Camp World-readable
Hiking into the wilderness to camp at Point Reyes
REI Trail Hut 4 Tent set up on the patio
Gear World-readable
Preparing to go backpacking, for the first time in (mumble) years
Kayaks lined up on the beach at Drakes Estero
Drakes Estero World-readable
20 October 2018: In which the intrepid narrator returns to Point Reyes to kayak in Drakes Estero
Kayaks lined up to launch on Tomales Bay
Tomales Bay World-readable
15 July 2018: In which the intrepid narrator kayaks on Tomales Bay on his last full day in San Francisco
Waves crash on the beach at Point Reyes
Limantour World-readable
In which the intrepid narrator visits three different beaches on Point Reyes, each special in their own way
Trail bridge over Home Bay in Drakes Estero
Sunset Beach World-readable
7 July 2018: In which the intrepid narrator hikes between the water and cliff
Trail to Tomales Point
Tomales Point World-readable
24 June 2017: In which the intrepid narrator hikes to Tomales Point, on the northern tip of Point Reyes National Seashore