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2015-08-09 12:52:11
In which the intrepid narrator again takes his family to Nymph Lake
2014-08-24 19:08:08
In which the intrepid narrator takes his kindergartner on a short backpacking trip
Month of May World-readable
2013-06-01 21:03:54
In which the intrepid narrator evaluates Front Range snow conditions, visits San Diego, and eradicates an invasive weed.
Spring snow World-readable
2013-04-30 21:21:54
In which the intrepid narrator skis to Lake Isabelle in spring conditions, and finds a new class of gear to lust after
Igloo World-readable
2012-02-02 19:42:06
Tags: hiking
The Loch World-readable
2011-07-10 12:27:32

you spend enough time with [Gem] and you'll get so stoned you'll want
to do something REALLY stupid like...
(drum roll)
...marry her
- Neelix, to Jaeger, 04 September 2001