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Taj Mahal
Agra Reprise World-readable
2016-01-05 11:12:48
In which the intrepid narrator revisits Agra and the Taj Mahal
Series: India 2015
Inlaid marble coasters
The rest of Agra World-readable
2012-06-23 18:58:38
In which the intrepid narrator goes shopping and continues his adventures in Agra
Series: India 2012
Taj Mahal framed by the meeting hall
Agra World-readable
2012-06-21 20:16:56
In which the intrepid narrator visits the greatest mausoleum in the world
Series: India 2012

Modern mobile phones make my head hurt, and I speak as the owner of a
sheepskin that proclaims me to hold a degree in computer science.
- Charles Stross, What I want for Christmas