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Smoke rises over DeLaveaga Park
DeLaveaga Fire World-readable
Watching an air assault on a small wildfire, too close for comfort
Pather Beach and Hole-in-the Wall Beach
Hole-in-the-Wall Beach World-readable
Exploring a small beach near Santa Cruz
Red and white sprinkles on a doughnut
Visiting Wilder Ranch State Park for the Fourth of July
Entrance to Mystery Spot
Mystery Spot World-readable
Santa Cruz's iconic roadside attraction
Waves breaking on Seabright Beach
Atmospheric River World-readable
Looking out at the roiling ocean in a winter storm
Kayak on the dock in Santa Cruz Small Craft Harbor
Small Craft Harbor World-readable
In which the intrepid narrator paddles from Santa Cruz Small Craft Harbor
Boxes packed in living room
Moving to Santa Cruz World-readable
2021-07-06 22:33:51
In which the intrepid narrator completes his move to Santa Cruz over one long and busy weekend
Kiesa and Jaeger signing mortgage papers on Loma Prieta Way
Signing World-readable
In which the intrepid narrator signs papers to buy a house in Santa Cruz
Monarch butterflies in a eucalyptus tree
Monarch World-readable
In which the intrepid narrator visits the eucalyptus grove where monarch butterflies spend the winter at Natural Bridges State Park

I sometimes refer to you by your real names to real people.
- Neelix, 10 March 1999