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Jaeger paddles in front of West Maui
Molokini Crater World-readable
2018-11-24 10:28:53
14 November 2018: In which the intrepid narrator paddles eight miles across the ocean to a half-submerged volcanic crater
Kayaks lined up on the beach at Drakes Estero
Drakes Estero World-readable
2018-10-28 15:15:34
20 October 2018: In which the intrepid narrator returns to Point Reyes to kayak in Drakes Estero
Kayaks lined up to launch on Tomales Bay
Tomales Bay World-readable
2018-08-27 21:02:39
15 July 2018: In which the intrepid narrator kayaks on Tomales Bay on his last full day in San Francisco
Empty dining room and kitchen at Louisburg
Living on empty World-readable
2018-08-13 20:31:19
In which the intrepid narrator spends the first week of July living in an empty house
Jaeger and Calvin after kayaking in Elkhorn Slough
Elkhorn World-readable
2018-08-08 19:36:38
22 June 2018: In which the intrepid narrator takes a kayak tour through a slough, drives along highway one, and returns home to San Francisco

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