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Preparing to launch kayaks at Cornet Bay Marina
Kayak Academy World-readable
2019-10-06 14:54:55
In which the intrepid narrator takes an overnight class and plays in the tidal currents at Deception Pass
Mount St. Helens
Johnston Ridge World-readable
2019-09-29 14:24:13
In which the intrepid narrator ascends Johnston Ridge to look down the throat of Mount St. Helens' 1980 crater
Willy ascends the trail toward Mount St. Helens
2011-07-21 21:09:19
Willy pumps water from Morrison Creek, Mount Adams Wilderness
Mount Adams World-readable
2008-09-23 07:48:40

There are a few acceptable redhead jokes. There's nothing wrong with
inspiring fear and trembling in the hearts of men.
- Gem Stone-Logan, 15 October 2002