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Comparing the height of Calvin and Kiesa
Adult height World-readable
2023-08-03 21:03:03
Calvin grows taller
Tags: calvin
Sun over the ocean at Seabright Beach
High School World-readable
2023-02-18 14:19:31
Considering Calvin's options for high school
Tags: calvin
Julian, Calvin, and Kiesa consult on birthday cakes
Birthdays World-readable
2021-04-14 20:07:25
In which the intrepid narrator's now-fully-vaccinated parents visit their grandkids
2018-01-05 21:32:25
In which the intrepid narrator shares Star Trek with his eight-year-old
Tags: calvin
Calvin on RocketBoat
Rocket Boat! World-readable
3 July 2017: In which the intrepid narrator rides Rocket Boat in San Francisco Bay
Calvin waits for his birthday cake
Calvin's birthday World-readable
Tags: calvin