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New brushed nickel bathroom faucet
Pandemic home repairs World-readable
2020-07-11 22:19:57
In which the intrepid narrator finds things to fix around the house, as a warmup to renovating his master bathroom
Gasworks Park at night
In which the intrepid narrator visits Gasworks Park in the middle of a global pandemic to watch an unofficial fireworks display
Google San Francisco sign at Hills Plaza
Remote work World-readable
2020-05-24 22:19:12
In which the intrepid narrator contemplates remote work in the age of Coronavirus, and the benefits of in-person collaboration in the future
Macbook and portable monitor on roof
Under Siege World-readable
2020-05-17 21:22:18
In which the intrepid narrator's world reaches an uneasy equilibrium with COVID-19
Tags: covid-19
French press and fresh coffee on conference room table
Coffee From Home World-readable
2020-05-10 21:25:47
In which the intrepid narrator upgrades his home coffee equipment in (gestures vaguely at everything) the current crisis
Tags: covid-19
Willow at the desk
The End of April World-readable
2020-05-03 22:39:14
Another milestone in the never-ending COVID-19 saga
Tags: covid-19
Willow looks out at the rain
Plumbing World-readable
2020-04-26 21:24:40
In which the most exciting thing to happen during the endless pandemic week is a minor plumbing emergency
California poppies growing in Wallingford
Holding Pattern World-readable
2020-04-19 16:53:46
Waiting to see what happens next
Tags: covid-19
Lego Architecture San Francisco
2020-04-12 22:20:16
As Bono sang, "Some days are better than others"
Tags: covid-19
Jaeger wearing a home-made cloth mask
2020-04-05 22:01:42
Masks are terribly comfortable. I think everyone will be wearing them in the future.
Tags: covid-19
Crochet coronavirus
2020-03-29 21:57:51
Let's escape to a nuclear disaster
Tags: covid-19
Bending the curve World-readable
2020-03-22 21:12:43
I wanted zombies, this virus sucks
Tags: covid-19
Pandemic board with Seattle about to outbreak
Pandemic World-readable
2020-03-15 21:23:33
In which the intrepid narrator works in exile to try to bend the exponential curve in the face of a global pandemic
Tags: covid-19
Office in Wallingford
COVID-19 World-readable
2020-03-08 21:23:46
In which the intrepid narrator gets caught up in the response to the COVID-19 outbreak in Washington State
Tags: covid-19

Everyone I'm sure, knows that when something goes wrong somewhere,
anywhere, anytime it is automatically SCOTT'S FAULT. Your dog ran away?
SCOTT'S FAULT. Your car won't start? SCOTT'S FAULT. Your power got
shut off because you forgot to mail the check? Yep, once again, SCOTT'S
FAULT. It is very similar to the "six degrees of separation" theory.
Somehow everything can be tied back to Scott.
- Renee Galvin, 25 October 2000