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Fourth of July in Dolores Park
Harbor Queen World-readable
Observing the Fourth of July with ice cream and a fireworks cruise
Jaeger, Calvin, and Julian wait for fireworks in San Jose
Discovery Meadow World-readable
Watching fireworks in San Jose
Red and white sprinkles on a doughnut
Visiting Wilder Ranch State Park for the Fourth of July
Jaeger, Calvin, Kiesa, and Julian wait for the Scotts Valley Fourth of July parade
Fourth of July 2021 World-readable
In which the intrepid narrator observes the Fourth of July
Gasworks Park at night
In which the intrepid narrator visits Gasworks Park in the middle of a global pandemic to watch an unofficial fireworks display
People wait for fireworks at Gasworks Park
4 July 2019: In which the intrepid narrator celebrates his country watching the fireworks from Gasworks Park
Empty dining room and kitchen at Louisburg
Living on empty World-readable
In which the intrepid narrator spends the first week of July living in an empty house