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United 777-200 waiting at the gate at Narita International Airport
In which the intrepid narrator flies home, lands before taking off, and experiences the same day twice
Plastic screen in a classical Chinese style
Living in the future World-readable
In which the intrepid narrator visits the National Palace Museum, meets a friendly local student, goes shopping, and visits the erstwhile tallest building in the world
Display of Asus motherboards on a street corner in Taipei
Sunology World-readable
In which the intrepid narrator sees a giant panda, rides a gondola, contemplates the study of Sunology, gets nearly lost on the alleys and lanes of Taipei, and eats a Ma-Po tofu burger
Slide in the playground at the 228 Peace Park
Provisional capital World-readable
In which the intrepid narrator explores Taipei in the rain
Victoria Harbour from the hotel window
Leaving Hong Kong World-readable
In which the intrepid narrator bids farewell to Hong Kong after ten days in the Special Administrative Region and fails to visit the giant Buddha on Lantau Island

Ok, well, the most obvious problem with [new years resolution
about getting a girlfriend] is that the intended outcome relies on
variables which are out of my control. It's a matter of chance,
luck, being in the right place at the wrong time, what have you.
Obviously, it also relies on the willful participation of
another human being. Since the only people we control are
ourselves, making resolutions -- promises to ourselves -- which
require the involvement of others, who may or may not want any
part of the game, is like sitting at home and cheering a
football team, and then saying "We won! We won!" when in fact
you had absolutely nothing to do with any of it. Or something
like that.
- Bitscape, Random Rambling, 01 August 2000