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Crosswalk stencil in Helsinki
Worldcon Recap World-readable
In which the intrepid narrator recaps his eleven days in Scandinavia, and enumerates lessons learned from the trip
Series: Worldcon 75
Julian walks at Amager Strandpark
Spire World-readable
18th August 2017: In which the intrepid narrator spends one last day in Copenhagen and climbs an amazing church spire
Series: Worldcon 75
Danish flag flying at Kronborg
Kronborg World-readable
17th August 2017: In which the intrepid narrator visits Hamlet's Castle
Series: Worldcon 75
Danish for breakfast in Denmark
Nationalmuseet World-readable
16th August 2017: In which the intrepid narrator explores Copenhagen
Series: Worldcon 75
SAS A320 DY-KAL at Helsinki
Kiitos Finland! World-readable
15th August 2017: In which the intrepid narrator bids farewell to Helsinki, flies to Copenhagen, and takes a canal boat tour
Series: Worldcon 75

Scott Galvin, age 23, is a highly sought mentor and motivational
speaker. An avid fan of salsa, user-centric web design, and techno
music, Scott co-creates a world of love and acceptance by sharing his
vision. He enjoys helping high-tech firms define their online strategy,
and he's advised many Fortune 500 companies, including Apple Computer,
Motorola, and Sun Microsystems. As a business student, he applies his
knowledge to his own venture, Buildmeasite. Scott resides in Fort
Collins, Colorado, and drives a beat up Integra. For speaking
arrangements, call 303.944.9964
- scottgalvin.com message, 03 October 2002