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Moving to Boulder

Mud Season World-readable
2011-11-13 11:41:42
Moving World-readable
2012-04-09 20:22:39
Moving World-readable
2012-04-28 09:22:53
Through-the-floor speaker wire installation base station
The Closing World-readable
2012-05-10 19:42:52
In which the intrepid narrator bids farewell to Longmont forever and goes back to considering highway 52 as the border between civilization and the artic wasteland.
Boxes staging in the living room, waiting to be moved
The Moving World-readable
2012-05-15 10:17:07
In which the intrepid narrator completes his move to Boulder
Living room in the process of moving
The Professionals World-readable
2012-05-23 08:00:27
2012-05-07 21:17:10
The dining room being unpacked
The Unpacking World-readable
2012-05-28 14:43:55
In which the intrepid narrator unpacks, paints, prunes, and otherwise occupies his time after moving