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The Moving

Started: 2012-05-15 10:17:07

Submitted: 2012-05-15 11:24:19

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In which the intrepid narrator completes his move to Boulder

Saturday, 28 April

With the movers scheduled to come on Sunday morning, we allocated Saturday to moving whatever we didn't want them to move and to packing the last remaining stuff that we hadn't managed to pack already, either because it was random scraps of stuff that didn't really fit, or because we were still using it. I set my sights on the compost bin and begun to move its contents into several extra trash cans so I could carry them in the car, then disassembled the compost bin and loaded both disassembled bin and contents into Motoko for the drive to Boulder. The packing of the compost took much of the morning, but once I located a suitable site for the compost at our new house (along the outside wall, next to the other solid waste disposal bins) reassembling the bin and filling it with compost proved relatively easy. (Now that we live in the City of Boulder, we have the option of curbside compost in addition to the standard-for-us single-stream recycling and regular trash. I'd still like to keep my own compost for my (hypothetical) garden, which will divert most of the food waste from the kitchen, but I'd like to take advantage of the curbside compost bin for things that will compost but aren't really suited for garden composting (or recycling) like paper towels, other paper waste, and PLA compostable plastics.

I headed back to Monarch, bagged up the pile of of loose leaves I used for compost filler, and set them aside to take to Longmont's leaf-collection site, and set out to clean up the spot under the compost. I had raked aside the landscaping rocks to make room for the compost and loose leaves, and now I wanted to restore the landscaping rocks to their original glory (or the nearest equivalent). I laid new landscaping paper, raked the old rocks back on top of the paper, washed down the rocks, and declared my objective complete.

I ran some errands in Longmont on my way back to the new house on Glendale Gulch and realized I was visiting these places for the last time. I didn't think I'd miss the Longmont Public Library or the tree limb diversion center or the local grocery store exactly, but I did feel a bit of melancholy as I contemplated never seeing them again. I spotted the elderly Sikh I've seen walking around the neighborhood in his turban, long white beard, and white outfit and decided he would be one thing I'd miss in Boulder.

I headed back to Glendale for supper and to watch Kiesa call CenturyLink support to get our new DSL install complete. When we returned to Monarch, we saw that the we had in fact killed our old DSL connection in favor of the new one, but on further consideration I discovered that they had moved our static IP to the new house. The lack of an Internet connection at our old house threw a wrench in our plans to continue packing boxes and entering their contents in our database, but Kiesa was able to turn on tethering on her work phone to give us Internet access (to the database hosted on my (virtual) server Honor). The latency was higher than I was used to for an interactive editing session, so I ended up caching the database locally (which was easy, since it was just a directory full of human- and machine-readable text files) and carefully copying back and forth. We packed until we ran out of boxes, then went to bed with high hopes of getting new boxes at Lowe's in the morning and wrapping up our packing in time for the movers to arrive.

Boxes staging in the living room, waiting to be moved
Boxes staging in the living room, waiting to be moved