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Things I'll miss from Longmont

Started: 2012-05-07 21:17:10

Submitted: 2012-05-07 21:51:42

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  • The diversity of my old neighborhood: the South Asian boy who came by to play with Cat5; the young Muslim family whom I'd see walking on the path behind the house; the elderly Sikh walking, haltingly, through the neighborhood.
  • The mountain views. From my vantage point on the plains, I could see from James Peak to the Mummy Range: fifty miles of snow-capped mountains in three mostly-contiguous wilderness areas that inspired me as I drove to work. Every month or so I'd see some new nuance of the mountains: a new ridge, a new valley, a new glacier, or an entire new mountain, that had been there all along but I simply hadn't noticed it before. I could preview conditions on routes without leaving suburbia.
  • Longmont's sensible attitude toward growth. Perched on the eastern edge of Boulder County, the City of Longmont realizes that a reasonable pace of growth can actually make a city a better place. Longmont has figured out how to improve its infrastructure -- widening roads and adding traffic lights. Longmont wouldn't be caught dead trying to impose a plastic bag ban.
  • Stepping out of my house on a bright spring morning to the nearly-overpowering fragrance of lilac, an aroma so strong it must be fake but for the actual lilacs I planted around the side of the house.

I'm not going to miss the commute.

Ok, well, the most obvious problem with [new years resolution
about getting a girlfriend] is that the intended outcome relies on
variables which are out of my control. It's a matter of chance,
luck, being in the right place at the wrong time, what have you.
Obviously, it also relies on the willful participation of
another human being. Since the only people we control are
ourselves, making resolutions -- promises to ourselves -- which
require the involvement of others, who may or may not want any
part of the game, is like sitting at home and cheering a
football team, and then saying "We won! We won!" when in fact
you had absolutely nothing to do with any of it. Or something
like that.
- Bitscape, Random Rambling, 01 August 2000