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The Rug

Started: 2013-06-30 17:14:46

Submitted: 2013-06-30 17:35:39

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In which the intrepid narrator buys an area rug off Craigslist

Not long after installing hard-wood floors in our living room, we realized one major flaw in our scheme was the lack of a proper area rug in front of the couch. This made the living room's sitting area somewhat less comfortable than it ought to be.

Living room with new hard wood floors
Living room with new hard wood floors

We looked around for a suitable rug but couldn't find much that we liked enough to actually buy. (Our tastes tend to run on the quality side, and we didn't want to pay money for something we didn't like.) There are no shortage of area rugs, but finding exactly the right thing proved tricky. In general I like the look and feel of rugs produced in India, and Kiesa was happy to accommodate my taste, but that's not something one can buy on the cheap. (There's also the matter of our plan to live internationally in a couple of years, so we don't want to buy too much stuff that we'd just have to sell or store.)

Kiesa set up a Craigslist feed to look for specific stores and brands we appreciate, and this morning she found an ad selling a rug from Pottery Barn in roughly the right size and color. The pattern was a little bit more contemporary than I might have selected but it was cheap enough that we decided to take a look.

We drove to downtown Boulder and found the rug in an attic apartment in a large old house. We bought it on the spot, then headed home to see how it actually looked in our living room. After vacuuming and cleaning it, I decided the more-contemporary design actually fit our living room better than I thought it might.

New rug in the living room
New rug in the living room

Calvin took to it immediately.

Calvin builds a Lego truck
Calvin builds a Lego truck

I'm relieved to have found an appropriate rug for the living room.