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Hand-crafted with love

Started: 2009-11-03 08:01:28

Submitted: 2009-11-03 08:26:04

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After our experience shopping for furniture last weekend, Kiesa and I decided we really had only one option: Custom-ordering a lightly-stained oak cabinet from Westminster's Amish Furniture Gallery, based on the floor model we found.

Entertainment cabinet

(It's a bit expensive, but the fact that it'll last pretty much forever isn't bad either. I was a little worried about how future-proof it is, since I don't really know what entertainment technology will look like twenty years hence, but I figured it was a solid and adaptable piece of furniture that should serve us well anywhere we put it.)

On Sunday afternoon, Kiesa and I headed down to Westminster to look at the cabinet and order it. We picked a stain that most closely matched our existing furniture (wheat on oak), changed the knobs to match the basic wooden knobs on our existing living room pieces, and dropped the flying buttresses on the upper half of the sides. It'll take twelve to sixteen weeks to be hand-crafted with love, presumably somewhere in rural Pennsylvania, so we'll probably get our new entertainment cabinet sometime in February.