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Started: 2003-11-05 22:43:12

Submitted: 2003-11-05 23:03:31

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Everything that has a beginning has an end.

Unlike previous Epic Movie Releases, when I planned well in advance to make sure to drag a sufficiently large number of people to the theater, something was different this time; for whatever reason, I didn't. Gem's youth services class, getting out at 1915, was a complicating factor. When it finished this evening, I contemplated my options and decided to head to the 2000 showing at the nearby Colony Square 12. I informed Bitscape of my decision and he decided it'd be amusing to see the movie twice in one day. (Unemployment does have some benefits.) When Gem and I reached the theater, I learned that the 2000 showing was sold out, but the 1930 showing (starting in negative ninety seconds) still had tickets. I spent a few seconds contemplating my options and decided to go for it. I acquired tickets, voicemailed Bitscape, and headed into the theater. We ended up with crink-in-neck seats on the last row of non-stadium seating, which wasn't actually quite as bad as I thought it might be.

The movie was ... I'm not sure what I thought of it yet. I'll have to get back to you on that.

In unrelated news, I decided to do my part to boost fourth quarter consumer spending; I acquired an iPod. Now that I was able to reboot Ziyal to a new kernel, I was able to get gtkpod working without too much trouble, and right now I'm listing to Eve6 on my sexy new toy. Now I have to convert all of my oggs back into mp3s so I can listen to them on my mobile device.

(I'm impressed -- even the *packaging* is sexy. It's Apple, though -- I shouldn't have expected anything else.)