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We're Back!

Started: 2004-03-31 17:45:49

Submitted: 2004-03-31 17:50:24

Visibility: World-readable

Ziyal officially returns to the world of the Internet this evening with a connection twice as fast as the old one, completely free for me. Speakeasy decided to upgrade my connection, and I wasn't about to complain. :) My ssh connection to Ziyal died around 1230, and all I had to do to get it back up and running was powercycle my DSL modem. (I should have called Gem and told her to do it.) I'm now happily downloading Debian packages at 160 kB/s; formerly, I maxed out at 65 kB/s. My uplink has allegedly doubled in speed as well, from 128 kb/s (that's bits, not bytes) to 256 kb/s.