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Started: 2004-07-01 23:39:17

Submitted: 2004-07-01 23:50:26

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So much for going to bed on time tonight.

I stayed up until 0100 this morning working on ADR for Fences, Willy's latest cinematic exploit. I spent many hours of quality time in Audacity figuring out how to

Tonight my task is the various video stuff my expertise is required on. I was able to recycle old code (from a few months ago) on a mystery zoom-in. I had a minor heart attack when Ziyal wouldn't read my wsf0 source cd; I cleaned the cd and it mounted flawlessly. I grabbed the source I wrote to create closing credits for The Worst Sci-Fi Prequel Ever!, tweaked my titles to work, doubled the speed, and called it good.

My final task is to resurrect and fix the greenscreen code I wrote a year ago and never quite managed to get to work right. Sleep is overrated.

In unrelated news, I've fallen in love with my nearby independent music acquisition locale: CD Depot. Used selection isn't always complete, but when the disk I seek is there, I can get it for US$8. On Monday, I picked up used copies of three disks: U2's POP (the studio album corresponding to one of the few concert tours I can remember by name, Pop Mart), Eve6's self-titled debut (I ripped the disk from Bethany ages ago), and the recent Beatles compilation One: twenty-seven number one singles, covering the band's entire history from "Love Me Do" to "The Long and Winding Road".

Help me if you can I'm feeling down

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