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Started: 2005-02-05 10:29:35

Submitted: 2005-02-05 10:45:11

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Odds are I'll be in Ohio next week (or possibly the week after that) for a customer service visit. It's not written in stone yet, but I can read the writing on the wall. I've been on the phone with our customer for the past two weeks trying to figure out what's wrong with the product we shipped them, and after all that time we finally have an exit strategy. Flying to Ohio isn't terrifically high on my list of things I want to do, but I figure it could be amusing and it'll definitely improve my karma, which can't be a bad thing.

(I learned late this week that my karma apparently took a massive hit as the result of a few candid statements I made to management. More on that later.)

In unrelated news, yesterday I swung by Temptation Zone to acquire the thirteen complete episodes of Wonderfalls, only nine of which ever aired. After trying to figure out what order to watch the episodes in (since neither the original air order, nor the order the episodes are placed on the DVDs, match the production code) I watched the first two episodes (according to the DVD order) and remembered why I liked the show so much when it aired last March. Kiesa even enjoyed the episodes. I'll have to watch more and mourn the passing of the series.

(Rumor is that Fry's Electronics is building a new store in Broomfield, which will be super-cool. I may have to reconsider my designation of Temptation Zone.)

Last night I watched Super Size Me, an amusing documentary about the disturbing effects of fast food on the human body. A filmmaker decides to eat nothing but McDonalds food for an entire month and assembles a team of doctors to evaluate its effect on his body. The documentary takes the best parts of a Michael Moore documentary but discards the parts that make me wince, marching into corporate headquarters with cameras running demanding to speak to people in charge. The closest we get is repeated phone calls to McDonalds public relations trying, and failing, to get an interview. If I ate at McDonalds, I'm not sure I could eat at McDonalds again after seeing what I saw in the movie. I'm trying to use it as motivation for my own personal fitness plan; we'll see how well that goes.