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Started: 2005-05-05 21:12:53

Submitted: 2005-05-05 21:36:53

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Yes, I am aware that there's a great deal of demonic activity in Cleveland.

Giles, "The Wish"

I've been chosen to represent my employer for XY training in two weeks at Kent State University. This means, during the week of 16 May, I'll be in the office for less than 4 hours. On Monday and Tuesday I'll be in Ohio; I'll come to work on Wednesday morning and leave for Lincoln at noon for Megafest 4.1, which will two and a half of my PTO days. (Then, for Memorial Day, Kiesa and I are flying to Oklahoma City to visit my parents. After that I don't have any plans to go anywhere else.)

The demonic activity was apparent when I tried to get a flight to Kent. The two nearby airports are Akron/Canton Regional Airport (which I flew into in February) and Cleveland-Hopkins International Airport. A quick survey of various travel websites revealed that the last flight towards Denver (via O'Hare) out of CAK left at 1700, which was probably too early. That left CLE. When I found a worthy flight, my attempts to book the flight were thwarted because the flight from ORD to DEN was full. A couple cycles later I finally decided to go for a later flight... which will bring me into Denver at 2300 Tuesday evening, which is a bit later than optimal.

(Then I asked for comp time for the time I'm spending on Sunday so I can be in Kent on Monday morning. I wasn't surprised by the "officially no" answer, but that didn't stop me from launching into a nasty funk for the next few hours.)

I was hoping I'd have the chance to visit the National Museum of the United States Air Force at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Dayton. That's across the state, and the lack of suitable flights makes it a bit harder to get there, so I'll have to wave at it from 28,000 feet.