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mmm... showers...

Started: 2005-07-03 16:35:20

Submitted: 2005-07-03 16:46:30

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Kiesa and I just got back from a two-night backpacking trek into Flat Tops Wilderness, which I didn't know existed until I set out to find obscure wildernesses in Colorado for our Fourth of July holiday. My employer saw fit to give me both Friday and Monday off, giving me a four-day weekend, so I decided we should do something exciting. Our original plan was to spend three nights, but we decided to cut it back to two nights so we could have Monday entirely off. I hope to post a full changelog in the near future, complete with waypoints and pictures and all sorts of exciting things.

We're quite happy to be back into civilization, where we have toilets that flush, showers, and no swarms of mosquitos. It's very nice.