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Started: 2005-07-17 09:03:34

Submitted: 2005-07-17 09:22:04

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After I graduated from high school seven years ago, I started having a recurring dream along the theme that, due to some clerical error, I didn't actually graduate, so I had to go back for a semester to finish up the classes I missed. Every time I had that dream I woke up very relieved to know it wasn't real.

Last night my dream was a bit different: I had decided to go back to graduate school at Walla Walla and was trying to figure out how to work my schedule, especially with upcoming events such as Megafest 4.2 (scheduled, in reality, for 28 September through 2 October at my unnamed residence), and my current job commitments. I was excited to realize that I had more than two weeks off for Christmas and more than a week for spring break, and I tried to figure out if I should do some work during that time or just take the time off.

In reality, going to graduate school to learn more about digital design is one of the things on my list to seriously consider, although Walla Walla doesn't offer any graduate degrees in my field. Odds are I'd go to the University of Colorado, which is essentially down the street and has a pretty good engineering program. (That, and I'd get in-state tuition, although how much longer that'll be a big benefit remains to be seen.)