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Voting as Bitscape

Started: 2006-05-26 00:47:05

Submitted: 2006-05-26 00:59:01

Visibility: World-readable

On the first full evening of Megafest 5.0, we performed our traditional movie voting ritual. Bitscape left for a club not long before we began, with two nominations. After nominating and voting, we wondered how Bitscape would behave, so there was only one option: Vote to determine how Bitscape would vote, and enter the consensus. So we ended up with two tallies: What would Bitscape vote? and the actual voting results, with "Bitscape" as the fake Bitscape, and "real_Bitscape" as... you can guess.

(It remains to be seen whether we'll actually watch any of these movies. Voting for them is far more fun.)

threads are trick. Yessss...tricksey threadesess.
They runsses when we don'ts expects them, yesss.
Nasty, tricksey threadses.
- Zan_Lynx, Mass IRC, 13 January 2003