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Started: 2006-08-24 22:09:52

Submitted: 2006-08-24 22:18:51

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Much has happened since I last posted. I hiked thirteen miles round-trip to a crash site near Rollins Pass; visited the Inland Empire; met second cousins I never knew I had; attended (and filmed and photographed) my grandfather's funeral; wondered (briefly) about the meaning of life, the universe, and everything; visited a guy who can bizarrely be described as my "step uncle" and discussed his uncle, a Lockheed test pilot Willy has been researching; drove into the setting smog (er, sun) to Los Angeles; spent two days at a customer's site in El Segundo; met a professional plane spotter; landed in Denver at 2330 Wednesday night; and met the new renters of my parents' house. All this is proof that my life really isn't getting any simpler, so I might as well make the most of it. I still intend to document all of this; if I succeed, you'll read it here first.

This weekend, I'm going to attend BarCampDenver, which should be entertaining. (Assuming no one borrows my idea, I can talk about Electric Fence.)