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Wire Free Longmont

Started: 2006-12-14 20:06:41

Submitted: 2006-12-14 21:10:24

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For the past several months, I've noticed a small, weatherized box mounted to a street light on the section road a few blocks from my house. It featured two antenna and my very first thought was "wireless access point". This didn't really make much sense, until yesterday I read this article -- Longmont has gone wireless. (Yesterday I recall seeing a photo attached to the article that looked exactly like the weatherized box I've seen, but I don't see it today. This looks like it; I got there through a few Google searches which eventually took me a to a press release that mentioned the model number.)

Yesterday evening, on my bus ride home from work, I tried to connect to the network. Access from a moving vehicle probably isn't what the intended; I was able to associate and eventually to get an IP; I was able to visit my website and started drafting an "I'm writing this e-mail from a moving bus; isn't that cool" e-mail when my connection died. My pathetic attempts to resurrect the connection proved futile, and the e-mail wasn't really that interesting anyway.

I would be interested in getting Internet access on my entire bus ride from Longmont to Boulder, including significant stretches in rural Boulder County. That might be worth paying money for.

Edit to add: I found the access point nearest to my house at Pace and Trail Ridge Road. Photos below.

Community wireless access point, Longmont

Canopy Hot Zone

In unrelated news:

Today I hiked Mount Sanitas; it was windy at first but calmed down; by the time I reached the summit it was only lightly breezy.

In less than a week, Kiesa and I fly to Portland. We'll spend two days in Seattle (I should get a tour book or something) and several days in Longview (or the beach, or something; the plan is still unclear) before flying back on Monday. A few days later will feature Megafest 5.1, which should be great fun.

Firefox Crop Circle, near McMinville, Oregon. Just click.