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Started: 2007-05-24 11:34:37

Submitted: 2007-05-24 11:40:38

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Just in case anyone's missed the lolcats meme, my coworker got bored and tagged photos of my cats:

Greetings MR
Walruz; thx 4 bucket

x-ray eyez cuz
demon kitteh; led pantz plzkthx

Sci-fi author John Scalzi got into the action (working off his earlier success as the guy who taped bacon to his cat) and posted pictures of cats with hand-written signs: I has a subtitle and Amish cat is Amish. Everyone's favorite stick-figure web comic xkcd joined the fun by mocking the phenomenon.

The point is that one should never assume that sucky, disgusting software
is written by first year comp sci majors. There are enough professional
programmers out there to cause a far bigger disaster.
- Randseed (132501) on Slashdot, 08 June 2003