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Give two idiots a camcorder each...

Started: 2007-07-22 19:39:02

Submitted: 2007-07-22 19:45:40

Visibility: World-readable

In March 2005, I spent a long weekend in Steamboat Springs with my family. On the afternoon of the day Kiesa and I headed back home, Willy and I realized we both had camcorders and that we should do something about it. We quickly settled on the idea of a splitscreen like Yoda's christening; we dubbed our short film "Give two idiots a camcorder each".

Watch or download "Give two idiots a camcorder each" on Google Video.

A standard question in the Commune, "Study well?", has absolutely
nothing to do with how well one learned the designated material,
but rather to the individual's interactions with the one with whom
he is studying.
- Jaeger, journal entry 28 October 1999