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WinCE sighting

Started: 2008-02-21 19:56:03

Submitted: 2008-02-21 20:16:00

Visibility: World-readable

After acquiring a new iPod, I dropped by my local Apple Store to acquire an armband so I could join the Apple resistance; er, carry my new iPod with me while running. I picked the case I wanted and headed to the back of the store to find an employee with a hand-held point-of-sale terminal to take my money. When he swiped my credit card and started entering information, something about the interaction seemed a bit strange. "That's not running Windows, is it?" I asked. It was; he showed me the Windows Mobile logo on the back. He reported on a rumor that they might get iPhones equipped with credit card scanners to use as their point-of-sale terminals.

(Note: In this case, it's entirely appropriate to pronounce WinCE as "wince".)