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Baby's first RSS feed

Started: 2010-04-30 20:10:44

Submitted: 2010-04-30 20:35:17

Visibility: World-readable

One of the missing pieces in my web properties has been a good way to keep track of new photos I post. I often linked to them when I uploaded a new set, but much of the time they're uploaded haphazardly, leaving no good way to keep track of what's new and what isn't. Calvin's website has all of his photos, on one giant page, in order, but they're sorted by the date they were taken (not the date they were uploaded) and one had to actually reload the page to see if any new pictures have arrived.

On the assumption that someone might care, I preset two new RSS feeds designed to solve this problem: my photo RSS feed, and Calvin's photo RSS feed. Both show new photos as soon as I post them, sorted by date, and link to the original photo. (You will get the same pictures twice if you subscribe to the Calvin feed. The Calvin feed is generated by simply searching for the text "Calvin" in my photos.) These RSS feeds are included in the appropriate machine-readable <link> tag in the document header, and linked in plain text in the body of each page.

Having abandoned the idea of selling my soul to the social networking devil (see also: Facebook), and declared that "RSS is my social network" (being both interoperable and portable), my obvious follow-up question is whether I provide enough mechanisms for those who care to follow me online, and whether there really are mythical people out there who would, in fact, care to follow me online outside of the handful of people already part of my informal RSS-based social network. Does anyone care enough to suggest changes in my RSS feeds? (Things I've contemplated include creating reaggregating my tweets or creating a grand unified feed that aggregates everything I say or do in one place for easy online stalking.)