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Air travel

Started: 2012-10-03 17:50:16

Submitted: 2012-10-03 18:27:55

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I haven't traveled out of Colorado since returning from India in June, despite the best efforts of two chip-bringup efforts in the past two months that I was able to support remotely, but that's about to change with a quartet of trips in the next three months:

  • This weekend, we fly to Pasco and spend the weekend in Walla Walla to celebrate my father's 60th birthday. (I've threatened to take him on a hiking expedition to South Fork, in order to make him late for his birthday party, in celebration of his showing up late for his surprise 40th birthday party.)
  • We're doubling up on family visits during Thanksgiving this year to leave Christmas free for other adventures. We fly first to Portland for an early Thanksgiving with Kiesa's family, then to Sacramento where we'll attend the every-other-year Logan family reunion (featuring the descendants of my great-grandfather). We haven't attended this reunion since 2006.
  • I'll fly to San Diego the week after Thanksgiving for a two-day leadership class. My line manager thinks this would be a good idea. I've figured out how to run my team in such a way as to avoid screwing everything up, but I'd like some ideas about how I can do better.
  • For Christmas, we fly to Hong Kong for nine days, then three more days in Taipei. After thinking about this for months, I finally bought our plane tickets last Saturday night, so we're officially going -- and dragging Calvin with us. Whatever happens I'm sure this will be an Adventure.