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Things I'm going to miss in Boulder

Started: 2016-05-28 21:26:44

Submitted: 2016-05-28 21:48:16

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In which the intrepid narrator remembers his time in Boulder and remembers everything he's going to miss

I flew to Denver last night to spend one last week in Boulder before finishing our move to San Francisco. The movers come on Tuesday to pack our stuff, and return on Wednesday to load it all in the truck to drive to San Francisco.

flatirons in the snow
flatirons in the snow

Now that I'm finally leaving the city I grew up in, and have lived in for the past twenty-five years, here are the things I'm going to miss once I'm gone.

  • The Children of the World Dream of Peace
  • Flagstaff star
  • Pearl Street
  • Rocky Mountain National Park
  • Boulder County Courthouse
  • Boulder Theater
  • Brainard Lake
  • Spring
  • Snarf's
  • Boulder Bookstore
  • Chautauqua
  • Bolder Boulder
  • Running intervals around Twin Lakes
  • Living a mile from work
  • Atlas Purveyors*

* They closed a few years ago but I still miss them.

Taking off into the sunset
Taking off into the sunset