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Now, with human-readable urls!

Started: 2019-08-24 14:07:11

Submitted: 2019-08-24 15:47:01

Visibility: World-readable

In which the intrepid narrator changes the url scheme his site uses, for the first time since 2002

Should you be in the habit of paying attention to the urls I use on my site, you may notice that my urls have changed. Instead of exposing the row id number of the post in the url, the url now contains the date and title, in an almost-like-Wordpress (but not quite exactly) scheme. This should be transparent to you (and all old links should be preserved, via 301 redirects to the new scheme). This should preserve the view that Google has of my site -- and the good Google karma my site has had for almost twenty years.

I've tested what I know to test, but I may have missed something. If something seems broken or doesn't work the way it used to, let me know and I'll fix it.